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Social Media Studies, 2015- Volume 1- Issue 2- pp.143–149


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Tutorials on YouTube. A Study from the Perspective of Digital Humanities

Carolina Gruffat
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Received: 2014-10-14
Accepted: 2015-01-16
Published: 2015-02-22



Abstract: This paper studies the influence of vlogger culture on YouTube tutorial videos, from the perspective of Digital Humanities (Manovich, 2011; Moretti, 2007). The sample studied consists of 300 video tutorials from 30 channels on different issues. Out of this sample selected, 41.33 % shows two distinct characteristics of vlogs (Aymar, 2009): a presenter on the screen who looks at the camera and speaks directly to the audience and the use of close up and medium close up shots. Our research focuses on the impact of adopting the stylistic attributes of vlogs in the interactions with the audience. We found that the “tutorial-vlogs” have more views, “likes” and comments than other tutorials, encouraging greater participation from users. Then we analyse the “emotional tone” of the audience conversation from a “distant reading” (Moretti, 2007) using visualization tools to see relationships between elements, patterns and shapes, instead of details. The last section analyzes which format is predominant in tutorials: either a narrative, which has traditionally dominated human culture, or a database, typical of software culture (Manovich, 2006). Saussure’s notions of the paradigm and the syntagm are used to theorise the relationship between database and narrative.


Keywords: Digital Humanities, YouTube, Social Media, Vlogging, Software Culture.


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