How to become a reviewer?


Reviewers for MWP journals are selected by the handling editors on the basis of their knowledge of the field. MWP offers in-house expertise in academic and production matters with the recognition that each author needs the support of scholarly expertise provided by independent Editorial Boards. Volunteer reviewers apply their expertise and spend countless hours of their time to ensure that submitted articles are timely and worthy of inclusion in their publications. It's not really a question of becoming a reviewer. Most people are invited by the Editor of a journal to conduct a review. An Editor may approach you because you are a specialist in a certain field or research topic.


Abstracts of articles within a reviewer's given area of expertise are sent via e-mail to the reviewer. Within 3 days, the reviewer is asked to indicate willingness to review and availability to perform the review within a 2-week time frame.


Editors usually select reviewers based on a few criteria:


  • Qualifications (Masters/PhD – depending on subject area)
  • Whether they have reviewed before
  • The number of papers they have published in their given area of expertise
  • How well those papers have been cited
  • Recommendations from other researchers/reviewers they know or have worked with

To become a peer reviewer, you must meet the requirements listed below, take appropriate training and submit your peer reviewer resume. If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer or have any questions about peer review, please email