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International Journal Green Computing and Sustainability publishes only original articles from a wide variety of green technology perspectives that address current and relevant complex issues, alternative paradigms, worldviews, ontologies related to the environment, climate and ecology system. The journal invites papers for publication in the journal from the worldwide academicians, engineers, educators, managers, programmers researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs.


Aims and Scope
IJGCS aims to play an important and recognized role better understanding of the green computing processes, sustainable and energy-efficient computing, energy policy, material use, environmental studies, adopting policies and programs that support sustainability green computing.


The journal welcomes the submission of high quality manuscripts with significant policy implications that are concerned with the theoretical or empirical aspects of the following broadly defined areas:


Artificial intelligence
Climate and ecosystem monitoring
Computational biology
Computational complexity
Computational robotics
Ecology system
Energy efficient system
Environment-respect algorithms
Green and sustainable innovation
Healthcare informatics
High Performance Computing
Innovative computer architectures
Knowledge Management & Ontology
Low-power electronics and systems
Nano Computing
Pervasive computing
Power-aware design of algorithms
Power-efficient delivery and cooling
Renewable energy models
Sensing and monitoring
Software tools and environments
Smart grid and microgrids
Using IT to reduce carbon emissions