Dizin Eklenmedi

Publication Trends in Social Media: A Content Analysis

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Due to the rapid proliferation and acceptance of social media in society, there has been a variety of research undertaken in this relatively new area. The primary purpose of this study was to systematically review studies on the subject of social media. For this purpose, the researchers performed a search in the ScienceDirect database with “social media” as a keyword, and identified 1,374 articles published during or before 2015. To narrow down the range for this review, the researchers selected 146 from the total of 1,374 articles published in Computers in Human Behavior, the most comprehensive journal in both ScienceDirect and Web of Science databases. For the analysis, a coding sheet was prepared and applied in order to collect relevant data based on nine criteria: (1) research topic, (2) research methodology, (3) target population, (4) sampling method, (5) sample size, (6) instrument, (7) data analysis method, (8) number of authors, and (9) number of references. Descriptive statistics were used as a method to present the findings. Results revealed that while 25.34% (n=37) of the articles studied the “Effect of Social Media Use”, 21.23% (n=31) used “Correlational Research” as the research methodology. Findings are considered valuable as a means to shedding light on current research trends and in order to suggest direction for future research by highlighting deficiencies in the field.

Keywords: Social Media, Publication Trends, Content Analysis

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