Dizin Eklenmedi

Factors Affecting Teacher Attrition in High and Low Performing Schools in Rural Districts

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This study was to examine the factors impacting teacher attrition in low performing schools and high performing schools in rural school districts. The independent variables included race, gender, and location of the population. A survey was generated that identified several factors that affected teacher attrition in high and low performing schools. The survey results were based recent research and responses from the participants. The study covers the way factors affect teacher attrition in high and low performing schools in rural areas. The study was a quantitative study in which factors were identified that sway teacher attrition and perceptions of teacher attrition in high and low performing schools in rural districts. The study revealed that several important factors that affected teacher attrition were overall expectations of faculty members by administrators, low or salary not increasing, and teacher preparation not up to par. Also, there were significant differences in the perceptions affecting teacher attrition high and low performing schools with four factors: the availability of student access to computers at school is sufficient, teacher preparations in not up to par, the pressure to focus on accountability (testing) and teachers planning to leave their teaching position for a teaching position in another school within their school district.


Keywords: Teacher attrition, high & low performing schools, classroom management

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