Dizin Eklenmedi

An Ethnographic Examination of a Course in Academic Literacy for At-Risk Students

Received: 10 Jan 2014 Accepted: 12 Oct 2014 Published: 10 Nov 2014



This article provides an ethnographic examination of a program initiated at Simon Fraser University, drawing its main text from a series of films that were shot by a documentary filmmaker during the first semester of a new program called “Foundation of Academic Literacy” (FAL). Meetings, student events, classes, and interviews were filmed.The decision was made to use transcripts from these films to reveal the lived experience of all involved in FAL, giving the reader a sense of authenticity to the description of the course from the perspectives of the professor who created it, the Dean of the Faculty, the Director in charge of all undergraduate programs, the instructors teaching it and the students enrolled in the Program. Would this examination reveal the living philosophy, expressed through pedagogy? Would it expose a dialectic between intent and action? In essence, we are asking: Did the implementation of this program enhance a political policy?


Keywords: Foundations of Academic Literacy, ethnographic examination, living philosophy, dialectic between intent and action

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