Dizin Eklenmedi

The Millennial Break: Contemporary Literature‘s Departure from Postmodernism

Received: 2014-07-07 Accepted: 2014-09-17 Published: 2014-11-10



This paper defines contemporary literature’s departure from a post-modern approach in regards to both American and British literature. Contemporary authors (from 1990 onward) have been influenced by the technological age and the millennial need and ability to connect to others. Deviating from post-modernism’s self-inflection and its focus on one protagonist to convey a point, contemporary literature often utilises multiple protagonists in order to represent all points of view. By using varied protagonists, by not shying away from technology, and by implementing empathy, contemporary writers have created a style divorced from post-modern literature.


Keywords: Contemporary literature, post-modernism, technology and literature, millennial literature

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