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Social Media Studies, 2015- Volume 1- Issue 2- pp.91-104


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I only have eyes for YouTube: Motives for political use

Barbara K. Kaye, Tom Johnson
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Received: 2014-08-15
Accepted: 2014-12-10
Published: 2015-02-22



This paper examines the uses and motivations for connecting to YouTube for political information. Instead of using motivations derived from scales that measured traditional or online media use, this study examines 755 open-ended reasons for using YouTube for political information given by 470 respondents who completed an online survey during the two weeks before and the two weeks after the 2012 presidential election. Each of the 755 reasons was grouped into broader motivational blocks based on similar meanings. Ten motivational blocks emerged from the open-ended responses; Political Surveillance, Media Substitution, Credibility, Candidate Insight, Convenience, Social Fulfillment, Personal Fulfillment, Anti-Traditional Media Sentiment, Curiosity, Political Commercials. This paper offers five new reasons for using YouTube for political information that arose from the open-ended responses.


Keywords: Uses and gratifications, YouTube, political information, media use motivations

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