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Educational Policies and Current Practices , 2015- Volume 1- Issue 2- pp.57-69


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Teaching Chinese as an Additional Language: Issues, Approaches, and Pedagogy

Chunlei Lu, Tony DiPetta, Yuming Xu
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Received: 2014-07-31
Accepted: 2014-12-24
Published: 2015-03-15



With the rise of China as a global economic and political power, the Chinese language has become one of the most important trade and cultural languages in the world. The demand for learning Chinese as an additional language has increased dramatically in recent years including a rapid rise in demand for elementary and secondary school Mandarin classes and teachers across North America. While the demand for Chinese as an additional language has increased substantively, however, qualified and certified teachers familiar with additional language teaching methodologies and more specifically with the understanding of how Chinese as an additional language is best acquired and retained by learners are rare. This article examined the current issues associated with instruction of Chinese as an additional language, analyzed the characteristics of the Chinese language, and explored important theoretical principles for teaching additional languages as they relate to the increasing demand for instructional capacity in the teaching of Chinese as an additional language. Based on the research literature, recommendations and practical suggestions for the classroom instruction of Chinese as an additional language are presented and discussed.


Keywords: Chinese, additional language, teaching, issue, pedagogy

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