Dizin Eklenmedi

Student Perceptions of Facebook’s Privacy Policies & Rights

Received: 2014-02-20 Accepted: 2014-05-20 Published: 2015-06-27



The purpose of the study was to determine to what extent users of Facebook understood and agreed with Facebook’s Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Two researchers conducted the study by administering an anonymous Qualtrics survey to undergraduate students at a state university in western Pennsylvania. The survey asked questions related to the survey responders’ ability to understand terms associated with their privacy rights on Facebook. Specifically, the survey queried participants as to what degree they understood statements taken directly from Facebook’s Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. The research incorporated Rotman’s (2009) five levels of privacy literacy as a theoretical lens for interpreting participants’ responses. The results of the study indicated the participants value their rights, but they acknowledged they have not read Facebook’s policy statements and may have an unrealistic belief that they understand the policies. Furthermore, participants may not have fully achieved all levels of privacy literacy.


Keywords: Facebook, privacy, literacy, survey, students

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