Dizin Eklenmedi

A Gamification Framework for Training of Patient and Medications Management Skills

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Pharmacy educators face a constant challenge to sustain students’ interests in modules, encourage peer learning, and improve their practice skills. Gamification is a potential way to enhance student learning because it encourages participation, social interactions and a sense of belonging among players. A gamification framework for a role-playing strategy game is described on several pedagogic approaches, whereby students play as pharmacist avatars in a futuristic world environment. They will encounter several “big boss” scenarios, which will assess their knowledge and skills in communication, dispensing and counseling, and ability to make appropriate therapeutic decisions. De Freita’s 4-dimensional framework is considered for game development. Pedagogic approaches used are mainly problem-based learning, Kolb’s experiential learning model, Kaptelinin’s activity theory and Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory. We hope this framework will enable our students to be passionate about learning, and also attain the soft skills required to work in clinical practices.

Keywords: Dispensing, Gamification Framework, Patient and Medications Management, Pharmacy Education, Pharmacy Practice, Serious Games

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