Dizin Eklenmedi

Mechanics of Spatial Communication: the Space-Time Dynamics of Presentness

Received: Accepted: Published: 2015-12-30



Abstract: Particular factors comprise a gestalt site situation eliciting perceptions and reactions, thus in-forming interpretations as one interacts within a field of objects that constitute a design field composition. The Association of Zones, Objects and Ma (AZOM) define the mechanics of spatial communication as a succession of zonal fields, objects that range through a series of prescribed Form through architectural to sculptural, and space - time parameters. Developed as a method of study within an art situation, where one interacts inside an Installation, AZOM becomes a theory describing one’s Dual Bodily Unit, composed of the I and the Me, and how these two unique characteristics inform perception becoming spatial articulation; thereby developing a sense of presentness. The system of Association of Zones, Objects and Ma focus upon particular arrangements that engage the physical and cognitive senses exciting deeper awareness of site’s unique space - time domain and thereby reinforce one’s place of being.

Keywords: Dual Bodily Unit, Ma space - time, Association of Zones, Objects and Ma, I temporal bubble, Me nature membrane.

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