Dizin Eklenmedi

Game Strategy Decision Module Based on GA and Neural Network

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This paper proposes an implementation solution for a strategy decision module. This module is intended to become the first layer of a bigger artificial intelligence. Traditionally each artificial intelligence is designed and programmed in order to be used for a specific purpose within a single software. However, our objective is to create an artificial intelligence adaptable to all kinds of games without any modification of its source code. This artificial intelligence is based on a three layers framework. The two first layers are respectively responsible to compute the global strategy and the sequence of elementary actions used to accomplish this one. The third layer is in charge to handle the emergency cases which are potentially endangering the artificial intelligence. In this paper, we focus on the first layer development and describe a solution based on an optimization algorithm coupled to a neural network. Through a series of experiments on various optimization algorithms, we determined that the genetic algorithm was the best suitable solution to our needs. The final experiments, proved the efficiency of our solution to adapt to various kinds of games.


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